Last year we wrote a blog on cliché phrases you should leave out of your CV. Since then we’ve found even more and thought it best to share them with you. Enjoy!

I’m a problem solver

As discussed last time, this phrase on its own means absolutely nothing. If you want to highlight your problem-solving abilities, then give specific examples of how you have overcame challenges that you have faced in your current/previous roles.

I have basic computing skills

Although computing skills are important, these days it’s a given that you have some sort of IT knowledge. By highlighting you have “basic computer skills” it could give the impression that you’re actually not very good on a computer, the opposite of what you are hoping to achieve!

I’m dynamic

This is one of the most overused phrases we see on CVs and a lot of people who use it don’t even understand what it means! We recommend that you leave this one off completely.

I speak basic French/German/Italian etc.

Most of us studied some form of language whilst we were at school, but an ability to say hello and goodbye in French is hardly useful to an employer. Unless your language skills are at least at a conversational level and not just a few phrases you learned 20 years ago, we suggest giving this one a miss!

I’m responsible for…

This can be a controversial one but as recruitment has evolved over the years, hiring managers have become less interested in what you do and more interested in what you have accomplished. Take the two examples below:

“I’m responsible for helping with the Nursing shift rota.”

“I supported the Home Manager in the implementation of a new shift rota system that increased staffing levels at my organisation dramatically, which is reflected in the home’s recent CQC rating”.

Both of the above quotes describe the same thing but one is simply stating a basic duty and one is highlighting an achievement. Which do you think will impress a hiring manager most?