Candidates expect to be asked some tough and probing questions during an interview. However, there are some questions which an employer or recruiter should never ask. Here are 5 examples below:

Are you married?

You may think that asking a question like this might help to build rapport or demonstrate interest. However, it is never acceptable to ask a candidate about their marital status as it has no impact on their ability to do the job in question.

How old are you?

As with the above, this may seem like an innocent question but could immediately leave you open to accusations of age discrimination, both by younger and older candidates. However, do note that for certain roles it is acceptable to ask if someone is over the age of 18; for example, if the role required them to sell alcohol.

Are you planning on having children?

Any question relating to a candidate’s existing children or future plans to have children is completely out of bounds. Employers are not allowed to make a judgement on a person’s dedication to their job based on whether they have or are looking to have children.

Are you a member of a trade union?

You must not use membership of a trade union as a factor in deciding whether to employ someone. This includes:

– not employing someone because they are a member of a trade union

– insisting someone joins a trade union before offering them a job

Anything to do with religion or politics

If you don’t know why this is inappropriate, we recommend getting someone else to take your interviews in the future! ?