It’s a natural reaction to feel nervous before an interview, especially if you really want the job. That’s why we are going to dedicate this blog to looking at how you can calm your nerves and ensure that you ace your next big interview!

Be prepared

As we have spoken about in the past, there is no way to accurately predict every question you might get asked at an interview. However, if you have studied the job description in detail, you should have a rough idea of the types of question you may be presented with. For example, if you are interviewing for a managerial position, you can almost guarantee that you are going to be asked questions on your leadership skills.

Try to think of as many different questions as possible and plan your answers, thinking of specific examples to back up your point. This will reduce the chance of becoming tongue tied or going off on a tangent.

You will also want to thoroughly research your journey to and from the interview, making plans for parking etc. Finally, a good night’s sleep is paramount, to guarantee that you will be fresh and at your best on the day.

Think positive

This may seem a bit silly, but interviewers want to be confident that you are fully capable of doing the job in question. If you don’t have belief in yourself, how can you expect them to believe in you?

Stay hydrated

There is nothing worse than getting dry mouth at an interview, which will do little to calm your nerves. Ensure that you drink plenty of water beforehand and bring a bottle in with you. Also, ensure you avoid drinks such as coffee as they can actually increase any jitters you may already have.

Be yourself

This one is simple enough. You are always going to be most comfortable in your own skin so don’t try to be someone you are not.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful and best of luck at your next interview!