A lucky few have known exactly what they have wanted to do since they were a child. However, many people end up drifting into a certain field that unfortunately might not be as fulfilling as they first imagined. In this blog, we are going to look at how to successfully switch fields and begin a new career path, so that you can find your next dream role.

Make a basic plan

Before doing anything, you should make a plan. You need to work out the minimum salary that you require; how far you are able to travel on a daily basis and the hours you are able to work. Ultimately, if you are single parent with no other support, it may be difficult to pursue a low paid role that involves night work, so finding out such information at this early stage is vitally important.

Add to your plan

Once you have put the basics into a plan, the next step is to focus on the important things you are looking for in a job. This could be the work environment, the prospects for promotion or the level or autonomy you could achieve. Try to think of everything of importance for yourself and rank them in order.


Now that your plan is fully in place, it’s time to evaluate the type of careers that correspond with your areas of importance. Start by searching online and visiting various job sites to see what is suitable. You will also want to speak to anyone and everyone to see if they can offer any advice or to point you in the direction of someone who can. If you are really serious, we would also recommend speaking to a specialist recruiter as they will generally be able to offer free career guidance.

Am I suitable?

Once you have settled on a job or several jobs that you feel would be suitable, it’s time to look at how to move into this industry. Are specialist degrees or qualification required? Do you need to have some sort of prior experience? There is little point in applying for jobs that you have no chance of getting as this will simply dent your confidence. If you do need to gain further qualifications or experience then it would be best to focus on gaining these first.

Go for it

If all goes well and you have found a career for which you meet the criteria and that seems perfect for you, the next step is to go for it! Just remember, these things take time so don’t give up if you haven’t secured a new job within a few weeks. Good luck!